Tax Planning & Compliance

Tax planning is one of the most challenging areas of law today, with many traps for the unwary. Not only have the rules governing individual and business taxation grown increasingly complex, but they are constantly changing. Not to mention that we are faced with a multitude of different taxes—income taxes, estate taxes, property taxes, sales and use taxes, etc.—imposed by various levels of government (federal government, states, counties, cities, school districts, etc.)

At Johnston Law Group PLLC, we combine our knowledge of the tax code and our ample experience to give you solid advice on ways to minimize your tax burden while complying with the applicable tax laws. We can help you develop strategies to take advantage of available tax benefits, and we can help you avoid the tax traps that are easily avoided.

Along with our planning services, we provide tax compliance services, including tax returns for estates or trusts, exempt organization filings, and, whenever appropriate, individual tax returns. As part of preparing these tax returns, we are always on the lookout for ways to reduce your tax liability, either now or in the future. We are also here to assist you if you find yourself being audited by the Internal Revenue Service or state tax authorities, if the county assessor over-estimates the market value your home or other real estate for property tax purposes, or if you need advice about the tax forms or other documents needed in connection with a particular transaction.