Real Estate

On the face of it, real estate is a pretty simple concept. There's the land itself, sometimes some improvements on the land (such as a house or a commercial building), and maybe even certain rights "to use" the land and/or improvements in some way. Real estate law, however, is not so straightforward. From rules and concepts derived many centuries ago, to modern land use and zoning regulations, real estate law has become increasingly complex. Fortunately, we understand real estate transactions and procedures, and we can help you with your various residential, agricultural, or commercial real estate matters.

  • Purchases and Sales of Real Estate
  • Real Estate Purchase Agreements
  • Contracts for Deed
  • Agricultural, Commercial, and Residential Leases
  • Real Estate Deeds & Easements
  • Resolution of Title Disputes
  • Zoning & Land Use Issues
  • Boundary or Easement Disputes
  • Torrens Registration Proceedings
  • Family Cabin Succession Planning