Practice Areas

Estate Planning

It may seem surprising, but even today many individuals die without making any plan for the disposition of their property. An even greater percentage have no plan in place to help them if they should become permanently or temporarily incapacitated du… Read More

Estate & Trust Administration

No matter how prepared we try to be, a loved one’s death is always a time of great sadness, even if it comes after a long illness. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the many things to be done, especially if the deceased had no estate plan in p… Read More

Real Estate

On the face of it, real estate is a pretty simple concept. There’s the land itself, sometimes some improvements on the land (such as a house or a commercial building), and maybe even certain rights “to use” the land and/or improveme… Read More

Tax Planning & Compliance

Tax planning is one of the most challenging areas of law today, with many traps for the unwary. Not only have the rules governing individual and business taxation grown increasingly complex, but they are constantly changing. Not to mention that we ar… Read More

Business Planning

We believe that small businesses are the foundation of our country’s economic success. When it comes to business planning, we can assist you with the various ownership and structural issues encountered during the life of a business. We know abo… Read More